Cannot wait.

I’m not sorry that I love this band.

A little while ago a girl I was teaching was being made fun of and I used Wonder Woman as an example for her to be proud of herself - they share a first name.  It worked, and the bullying stopped, but I could tell she only had a vague idea of who Wonder Woman was.  Since that day, it’s struck me how much there NEEDS (and I do not use that word lightly) to be a good Wonder Woman movie.  

I want little girls to grow up feeling like they have the possibility to do anything, and be anyone.  Sure, they can look up to Buffy, Sydney Bristow, Sarah Connor, and Katiness Everdeen; but in a world where billionaire playboys, and newspaper reporters are stars of male driven super hero movies, I want little girls - little boys too - to be able to see a powerful, warrior on screen that is a woman.  Wonder Woman could do that in a way that few other female characters could because she has such a huge past, and is already entrenched in culture.

How amazing would it be to have little girls everywhere to run around with other girls playing Disney princesses and announce that she’s a princess too - princess of the Amazons.  A princess that gets to hang out with Batman and Superman, not as one of their girlfriends, but as part of a heroic trinity.

This needs to happen.  Needs to.  For children everywhere.

While I find it hard to pay attention to what is going on in a lot of these sequences, this is absolutely stunning.  So many artists poured over this frame by frame to create such a unique work of art…animation is just breathtaking when done with true care for the art.

This literally just made me emotional.  Watch till the end.

I highly recommend Gideon’s Army to anyone looking for a good documentary.

I really enjoy this man.

Today was Will’s birthday.  I helped my best friend put together a surprise party for him.  Will’s reaction was pretty epic.


"Darth Vader is the Blackest Brutha in the Galaxy."

Chasing Amy for the win.