20 years after Pulp Fiction, Samuel L. Jackson still knows one of his most memorable lines.


'The Survivor Tree' Is Now An Animated Short

Not gonna lie, this made me a little emotional.

Yes.  Let’s make Dream, Girl happen.


Chris Evans ALS Ice Bucket challenge

This might be one of my favorite videos so far.  I love that the kids got in on it.

Robin Williams on Inside the Actors Studio.  This was one of the best episodes of that show I’ve ever seen.

Jeff Bridges is The Dude.  Seriously.


Creativity is much more than making something, it’s trying to insist that you’re alive - screenwriter Mike White (Nacho Libre, School of Rock)


Kermit and Scooter have technical difficulties opening the envelope at the 1986 Oscars. Jim Henson to the rescue.

This is the best I’ve ever seen this matter presented.