"If I don’t come home covered head to toe in fake blood then I haven’t done my job as a horror director." -Eli Roth

"If I don’t come home covered head to toe in fake blood then I haven’t done my job as a horror director." -Eli Roth

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Top 10 Metacritic Scored Films of the New Millennium (so far): 

  1. Boyhood by Richard Linklater (2014) - 99
  2. Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro (2006) - 98
  3. 12 Years a Slave by Steve McQueen (2013) - 97
  4. 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days by Cristian Mungiu (2007) - 97
  5. Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón (2013) - 96
  6. Ratatouille by Brad Bird (2007) - 96
  7. Zero Dark Thirty by Kathryn Bigelow (2012) - 95
  8. The Social Network by David Fincher (2010) - 95
  9. A Separation by Asghar Farhadi (2011) - 95
  10. Amour by Michael Haneke (2012) - 94

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Chris Evans Visits Patients At Children’s Hospital Boston

I was pretty sick as a child.  Seriously, the doctors and nurses knew what my mother’s voice sounded like over the phone and I remember a good many of the medical professionals that touched my life as a child and adolescent.  I think because of all that time I spent having medical issues, I always find it to be just the best thing ever when I see any kind of celebrity taking time out to visit sick kids.

Everything you do for a kid really does matter, even if it doesn’t seem like it would.

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There’s no way I can stop writing, it’s a form of insanity. — Charles Bukowski (via maxkirin)




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Kickstarter, like Wikipedia, Twitter and every other service on the Web, was built on the foundation of an open Internet. We would not exist without it. The more than 60,000 creative ideas that have been brought to life using Kickstarter — from new technologies to new restaurants to new symphonies — also depend on a free and open Internet. — Yancey Strickler talks about the importance of net neutrality over at Washington Post.  (via kickstarter)


Creativity is much more than making something, it’s trying to insist that you’re alive - screenwriter Mike White (Nacho Libre, School of Rock)


Night Photography: Toby Harvard


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