My niece utilizes creative spelling.

My niece utilizes creative spelling.

Today wasn’t an exploration day.  Today was a day of celebration - Pete turned 21!  It’s crazy cuz I’m pretty sure I’ve known him since he was about 5…and now he can drink legally.  

What I heard all over the place today was that I seem to have had a cloud lift.  Everything can see that there’s a difference in my persona since only friday.  And it’s that I’m slowly, surely relaxing again and letting the me come out.  

Sooner than I want reality will kick in.  A routine that will (hopefully) lead to me being able to pay for my life will happen.  The goal this time is to listen to God, and see if I can stay who I am and keep work with my passions.

My niece found out my cat passed away and that it is making me sad.  She spent part of her night tonight trying to make me feel better by telling me about toys she’s had that were either ruined or lost.

It didn’t help, but I felt the love.


I don’t like those zombies, they don’t look very friendly. — My niece watching The Walking Dead