Then and now.  Thank you for the free album U2 and for once again proving that you rock.

Empire Records

  • Lucas: Warren, look what you took. Rap. Metal. Rap. Metal. Whitney Houston.
  • Warren: It's for my girlfriend okay.
  • Lucas: Sure it is.
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Please Mr. Kennedy by Justin Timberlake, Oscar Isaac & Adam Driver (from Inside Llewyn Davis)

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ArtistJustin Timberlake, Oscar Isaac & Adam Driver
TitlePlease Mr. Kennedy
AlbumInside Llewyn Davis

I <3 Jimmy & the Roots.

The Postal Service released a new song.  You have NO idea how excited I am.


Can’t get enough of this video of Sia singing “Diamonds” which she wrote for Rihanna. Sia is wearing Siriano Fall 2012 in the performance above!

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Danny Elfman // This Is Halloween

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ArtistDanny Elfman
TitleThis Is Halloween
AlbumThe Nightmare Before Christmas

"Thriller" from the hitrecord Halloween show last year - it would have been so much fun to be able to go.


I got my neck, my chin, my tongue, my boobies…

This makes me think of my nephew.  That might be random to some as my nephew’s name is Owen not Russell, but Russell makes me think of Owen - all because of my little brother pointing out what one of Owen & my favorite activities is.  

When I get the chance we sit on my front stoop and watch the cars go by.  Owen loves being outside, and he always notices the car.  Each time one passes us I tell him what color it is.  He’s only ten months old right now, but I hope one day he’ll be able to tell me the colors of the cars too.

I didn’t even realize it, but my little brother pointed out that when I do that with Owen it’s a little like Carl and Russell sitting on the curb with ice cream looking for colored cars.