I was rooting around on my computer and found a chunk of END, a no-budget no-zombie flick I made a few years ago.  I thought it would be fun to post here.  Now be warned, this is ALL temp - it was a sample sequence for our composer to see - and I’ve further chopped the heck out of it and compressed it so it would fit in the file size restraints (sorry Bill).

END was a zombie movie sans zombies.  We didn’t really care about the walking dead, what we cared about what what would happen to you emotionally, physically & mentally if you survived seeing your world end - what would you do next?  We went the LOST route and intercut each characters back story into the present chaos.

It was hard, it was very ambitious and even though it went all of nowhere I learned a lot about directing and making something longer than 5 minutes.  And I was terrified we were going to fall through that deck. 

I still think I have a lot of room to grow and evolve as a director, I really want to get involved a lot more with my actors on my next project, but I do love this piece and how it turned out.

I think it will be incredibly terrifying in a whole new way when I finally get my next film together and see my words acted out in front of a camera.  

I can’t wait.

Ashton Reese Trujillo
Brian Harvey
Brian Renner 
David Scott
David Taylor-Sharp
Lauren Dunacheck
Marissa Merrill
Pearce Akpata 
Samantha Kern
Weston Cody
(not pictured) Lorn Conner 

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